The interactive installation One Encounter, One Chance was commissioned for the Taipei Lantern Festival. The opening scene is taken from the animation I created to represent the 28 Chinese constellations. Our installation was oriented with geographic North, with each animal depicted guarding their direction, adhering to the Fengshui principle. Each quadrant is led by a sacred beast: The Emerald Dragon to the East, The Western White Tiger, The Southern Ruby Peacock, and The Northern Black Turtle with Snake. I was inspired by Catalonian artist Juan Miro I Ferra and this animation is a tribute to his work The Poetess.

Invited by the Taipei Government, our team's goal was to bring a fresh perspective to the traditional lantern festival. Each year, millions of visitors gather to see paper lanterns lining the streets downtown. As a new media company, we proposed an interactive installation.

On the evening of the Lantern Festival opening ceremony, our team collaborated with a company of Taiwanese indigenous dancers to balance the technical spirit with deeply rooted cultural traditions. Among our metal framework and hanging LED lights, the dancers performed a ceremonial ritual that brought life into our models of the sun, moon, and stars. In the weeks leading to this performance, our team worked with a well-known music artist and director of this year’s festival, Soda Green, to write a customized soundtrack for the dance and lighting of One Encounter, One Chance. The combination of these performance artists added complexity to our installation and the experience for participants. accompanied by an animation of the night sky above, encouraging people to make a wish for the new year as shooting stars pass overhead
One Encounter, One Chance
New Media Interactive Installation
team work
Art Director:
Lily Yeh
Lily Yeh/Peggy/Yu Sun/Wanyu
Graphic Design:
Lily Yeh
Howard Chen
Installation design:
Mountain Black
Sodagreen Afu