Female Planet
VR game
Independent work

Beginning in a barren planet, modeled after The Little Prince, I encased precious vaginas instead of roses in glass, to represent the objectification and ownership of genitalia in this single-minded world. When the player moves up into the sky, he/she will enter the second level, Female Planet, and indulge themselves in this bizarre, fantastic but also very true and cruel world. While the player is exploring the surroundings, he/she will trigger the movements and sounds of each object.

This is a virtual reality game programmed in Unreal Engine. The initial sculpting was done using Zbrush which I then imported to Cinema 4D to animate the movements.

Female Planet condenses many cultures in human history that physically twisted women’s bodies, most of the time in the name of the cultural ceremony. Society normalized these insanities: Chinese foot binding, African lip plates, Thailand’s long neck tribe, and even European corsets. I gathered these all together and put them in my fantasy little planet. Colors are designed to be fantastical, not over-realistic, to remind the audiences that it’s a personal point of view telling the story. From the old times to our present day’s free the nipple movement, I built a mountain of breasts to line the entrance aisle; the question in my mind was: although we try so hard to overcome our patriarchal past, has the activism of recent movements made a legitimate impact expanding the rights and freedoms for all bodies?

Unreal Engine Rendering:

3D Model Display:


Recording from the VR game: