About me


California institute of the arts
class of 2022

Master of Fine Art
Graphic Design
Lillian Disney Schloarship

Shih Chein University
class of 2017
College of Design
Multimedia Communication Design

Lily's practice extends across 2D/3D motion design, UI/UX design, branding, typography, VR/AR, illustration and print. She channels her deep curiosity and hunger for novelty into a practice of continual research and experimentation across métier and mediums. Her work engages a keen observation of contemporary aesthetic and a fantastical speculation of what comes next.

Her work and personal projects have led to collaborations with National Geographic, The Jane Goodall Institute, Samsung, Universal Studios, Tito's handmade vodka, Pamella Roland, the office of the president of the ROC (Taiwan), Ministry of Education Taiwan, and more. In her professional practice, Lily founded a startup design studio that built new interactive media installations in Taipei.

Designer Statement

I'm investigating my own emotional and intuitive interpretation of Taiwanese identity through a set of design projects. My research project focusing on finding my ideatity as a Taiwanese designer, and exploring visual aesthetic of Taiwan, by studying historical, tecnological, cultural & religous traditions, augmented by my family member’s oral storytelling and mundane pieces of life.

I connect a set of values that I experienced first through my family - intimacy, timeliness, vulnerability, indivisibility - to the island where I grew up. I want to use design to consciously forage for my cultural roots...forming what I will call the Taiwan Gospel project - a series of projects practices that examine factors of geography, ideology, social behavior, and historical context that influence a Taiwan’sspecific place's visual development through in color palettes, patterns, and visual aesthetics. While some of my responses are based on direct experience, like the memory of oral stories I've listened to my father tell, others are based on my questions around a language I haven't fully learned or the complex funeral or wedding ceremonies that still confuse me, or the way that Taiwanese still practice fascinating, mysterious pilgrimage events.

Using multimedia to investigate Taiwanese vernacular design, I will create immersive experiences to explore narratives from mundane family life to large cultural memories. The notion is to capture the beauty of the mundane in surreal visual language. Most importantly, to respond to the culture of the moment, giving my voice to the contemporary vernacular Taiwanese design.

︎: shuchinyeh@alum.calarts.edu
︎: lilyhailyeh@gmail.com
︎: @lilyhailyeh

“ New things are not born of nothingness, and they are not taken without, but from our attempts to boldly awaken our everyday existences, which seem ordinary and mundane. Design is the provocation of the senses and a way of making us discern the world afresh.”

Jun 3, 2017 / Kenya Hara
Designing design: more insight from Kenya Hara; Medium︎